How Agile helped a father get his kid to tidy the room


I met Efi, an old friend working in the hi-tech industry, and an experienced father of Ben, 8, and Lucy, 4, a while ago n a one of the Agile practices conferences.   He turned to me over lunch, and asked me to advise him about problems he was having with getting his son to tidy his room. He practiced Agile daily, and had an intuition that one of the ways he could resolve his difficulty was in the Scrum world he knew so well.

“Every day, it’s the same story”, he told me. “I come home, my wife’s upset, Ben’s room isn’t tidy, they’ve already fought, she’s yelling, he’s yelling… And at the end of the day, Ben is sent to his room, supper is ruined, little Lucy doesn’t understand what’s going on around her, and in general, it sucks. All we get to talk about is tidying up the room.”, Efi went on, “I’m bummed out because i don’t want things to continue this way, and as Lucy has also stopped tidying her room, we’re now fighting on two fronts. I really don’t understand, how hard is it to tidy a room? And on the other hand, why tidy the WHOLE room every day? We’ve tried tidying his room ourselves, and that didn’t teach him anything, and the situation just remained the same.”

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A mother creative solution for helping her girls with their homework


“ I do believe in Kanban, it did help my daughter in school big time!

” 2 years ago, she used to bring her homework, put her agenda on her desk and start crying 🙂 she didn’t know where and how to start. At school, they give them lot of tasks to perform every Thursday. They write them in their agenda, and they have to perform all of them by the next Friday (they have one week).

Schools and teachers expects kids to manage their tasks by their own, but in reality,  I see all parents around me managing the homework tasks for their kids. Some parents and kids are great working with the traditional agenda, but for my daughter, it was a big a challenge.  One day she forgets her agenda at school, the other day she starts multiple tasks same day, another time she forgets that she didn’t finish a task etc

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Using scrum techniques with kids and families is a wonderful and easy thing to do
Empower your children without losing your parental authority, through a collection of practical actions. Being able to adapt your family to modern life changes and pase. The methods are effective at teaching values and respect to others, and applies to public and home schooled children alike. And most of all , its so easy and so fun
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